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You may have heard of the original TobaccoMaster™ before; back in the day, you might also have heard it called a "TokeMaster". Unfortunately, this name was problematic for law enforcement who didn’t seem to understand that waterpipes have many LEGAL smoking uses. So, after many years of product refinement, we have settled on the name TobaccoMaster™. The TobaccoMaster™ is the very same product you once loved through college; the only difference is a slight name change, and a perfected, super-durable product!    

This classic piece of smoking nostalgia was first created in the Summer of 1967 in a rural farmhouse outside of Cambridge, Maryland. The TobaccoMaster™ went on to become a legendary name on the East Coast! It is our hope that we can get the TobaccoMaster™ into the hands of even more adoring fans (and soon to be “adoring fans”) throughout the U.S.!

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